Lords Mark Biotech is a leading biotechnology company committed to advancing healthcare through groundbreaking research and innovative solutions. With a dedicated team of experts strive to improve lives and empower communities worldwide. From novel therapies to advanced patented products for difficult to treat disease, our mission is to shape the future of healthcare and make a lasting impact on global well-being. Join us on this transformative journey as we push the boundaries of biotechnology and create a brighter, healthier tomorrow.

About US

Lord’s Mark Industries Private Ltd. (Lord’s) incorporated in 1998, started manufacturing computer continuous stationery and copier paper and slowly diversified to other segments viz, LED products, Solar Power Solutions & Solar Appliances, Lithium Batteries, Electric Scooters, Charging Stations and Pharma & Hygiene products.

Growth through diversification has been the cornerstone of success at Lord’s. Lord’s enviable growth is a result of strong leadership of our founder members and “Be there First” habit to capture the leading position.

Our technically qualified employees and professional management team have maintained the principle at the highest level.

Our Journey

Founded in 1998, our company began its journey as a Paper Trader.

In 2006, we initiated our operations as a paper product manufacturer and supplier, serving prestigious organizations including Railways, LIC, and postal stores.

In 2013, we made a significant entry into the renewable energy sector, marking a milestone in our company’s journey. During this time, we introduced our pioneering brand, Lord’s PAVAK, specializing in LED products. A notable achievement was securing an order to supply LED products for the esteemed Indian warship INS Vikramaditya. This accomplishment showcased our commitment to sustainability and technological innovation.

In 2015 became official partner of signify innovations (Philips), executed government projects & supplied solar & LED products

In 2020 we launched Lords Auto, Lords zoom & lords zoom plus (EV), Lordsmed, entered pharma, IVD & healthcare division. Partnership with cipla for distribution.

In 2021 launched thehygieneindia.com umbrella brand – Safesehat & markosafe, launched 30+ IVD rapid kit products, 5 years partnership with Braithwaite- PSU: ministry of railways

In 2022, we made noteworthy strides in the EV infrastructure sector by introducing Lords Sehat, a state-of-the-art walk-in clinic. To strengthen our domestic presence in the surgical products domain, we formed a valuable joint venture with Goldwin. Additionally, we established a strategic distribution partnership with HAL, a PSU under the Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, further enhancing our reach and impact.

In 2023 we proudly launch Lord’s Mark Biotech in biotech industry.

Our Mission & Vision

We are continuously working in a direction to fulfil our vision of delivering value to all stakeholders and partner by creating a sustainable business, as we believe this decade to be an exponential growth decade for Lord’s Mark Industries.


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