Directors Message

Dr. Sachidanand Upadhyay

MD and CEO

I, Managing Director Of Lord’s Mark Industries Limited Invite You To Join As We Enter In Our Growth Decade. Past 2 Years Marked Major Turning Point For Our Society At Large Due To the Pandemic. People’s Lifestyle Have Changed. We As A Business Also Underwent Major Change And Diversified Our Business To Cater To Dynamic Needs.
To Our 24 Years Of Journey, We Have Always Realized Importance Of Technology And Been Early Adopter For New Initiatives. We Realized With Time New Businesses Needs To Develop Which Are Environment Friendly And Sustainable At Core. Keeping Value Creation At Heart Of Our Every Decision, We Now Have 4 Business Units: Paper, Renewable Energy, Healthcare & Diagnostic And EV Infrastructure Technologies. We Have Also Diversified Our Investment In Sister Group Companies Having Lords Automative, Lords Insurance, Lords Organics As Part Of Our Business Portfolio.
We Are Continuously Working In A Direction To Fulfill Our Vision Of Delivering Value To Each Stakeholders And Partners By Creating Sustainable Business As We Believe This Decade To Be Growth Decade For Lord’s Mark.

I Once Again Invite You And Thank You For Your Continued Support And Cooperation!